What our customers say

From a Sales Rep

“This {CRM Supercharger} is everything that Salesforce isn’t.”

From a Sales Leader

“The only thing I would change about the CRM Supercharger rollout is that I would’ve done it sooner. We completely underestimated the value.”

From a Sales Manager

“This will save me 10 minutes per rep, per opportunity during pipeline reviews.”

Benefits of CRM Supercharger

Maximize selling time

Automatic CRM Data Entry = more time reps can spend preparing for meaningful conversations with your buyers.

Operationalize sales strategy

Our unique “standard model” configurations ensure that your companies specific sales strategy influences the insights from the platform.

Actionable insights

Deep analysis of sales activity brings insight, exposes risks, and offers intelligent next step actions.

97% of surveyed sales and marketing organizations rated Accent’s performance & reliability as better compared to the competition.

Source: TechValidate survey of Accent Technologies’ customers

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