Real-time Alerts

Modern selling requires fast and relevant actions. Let Supercharger be your smart sales assistant.

Never miss an opportunity update

Stay notified on all the important activities within your opportunities. The Supercharger stays on constant watch. Get notified immediately when buyers look at content you shared so you can catch them in their moment of interest. And know when important buyer personas are invited to calls or are included in email threads.

Don’t miss important emails

Everyone in sales knows responsiveness is one of the most important factors in sales success, and the Supercharger can make you a hero. Get notified immediately when buyers respond to your emails so you can get back to them quickly. The Supercharger stays on top of your inbox, making sure you don’t miss an important buyer email.


Get risk alerts

Get risk alerts when deals become unhealthy—champion buyers not responding or looking at content you shared, too much time talking to just one buyer, or slow responses from the buying team. The Supercharger keeps you informed, allowing you to focus your time on the most important points in the most important engagements.

Auto-detect buying signals

Sales reps often miss critical buying signals—slowing cycles and sometimes costing deals. The Supercharger learns your buying signals like key buyer personas entering the picture, critical security discussions requested by the buying team, pricing requested, or onsite visit requests. Now you can zero in quickly on the deals motivated to close.

Start your free CRMSupercharger pilot now. It’s fast, easy, and risk free.